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Organic by process and product.

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Srinithya Vermicompost

About VermiCompost: Vermicompost is a product that results from the decomposition of mixtures of flowers, vegetables and food waste. In the decomposition process, various parts of worms are used, all from high-quality species such as Red wriggler, European nightcrawler and African nightcrawler, which result in nutrient-rich Vermicompost.


Attracts earthworms: SRINITHYA Vermicompost aims to provide the best  Microbial activity for your agriculture activities; deep-burrowing earthworms present in the soil are attracted by the degradable waste in soil leaves the castings in-ground; this casting is 10 to 20 times higher than in soil or organic matter.


100% organic: Organic and unadulterated, SRINITHYA Vermicompost does not contain any artificial chemicals, it increases the immune system of plants providing healthier and faster growth of plants

Improves soil aeration: The microbial activity in the soil due to the movement of the earthworms loosens the soil and increases soil aeration; this provides better conditions for the plants to grow as the roots have sufficient space to grow and develop.

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