Top 7 smartwatches for 2021

Smartwatches, as we know it has been more in use in recent times, especially with Apple coming up with the new apple watch series 6 which many tech enthusiasts suggest, might be the best apple watch yet but before we get more into it let's talk about how far smartwatches have come concerning features and durability, from just showing notifications to now saving your life with elevated heart rate alerts and auto-connect you to emergency services if you fall, now that's an innovation.

Smartwatches are all in one: a watch to start with, a fitness tracker, a digital wallet and in some cases a phone on your wrist but...


The best smartwatches can do more and probably in the best possible way. We are talking, ability to download several apps and that includes games too, so all the gamers out there we got you, next off is long battery life, some smartwatches can last almost up to a week on a charge and one of the most interesting elements to a smartwatch is the style, you can now customise your smartwatch and also get more than one straps to change up the look maybe fancy a bit of bright yellow to drive away the Monday blues, well go on than cause now you can.

Check the list below for the best smartwatches out there for 2021 also you can check for more options on our curated Amazon product page JustShop.

The list will start off with a reasonably good smartwatch as we work our way to the best.


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7) Amazfit Bip

size: One size, with a 1.28-inch display | Battery life: up to 45 days | Swim proof: No | GPS: Yes | Heart rate monitor: Yes | LTE: No | Compatibility: iOS, Android

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Here we have our first smartwatch on our list which is technically the last but it's still a good one, you don't need to pay big money for the Amazfit Bip and still you get a product with fitness tracking features, works with Android and iOS, comes with a GPS and a heart rate monitor.

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Battery life, you can expect 45 days of normal usage, it's will go on for about 2 weeks till you reach 50% and that's impressive when it comes to battery life.

Coming to the element of style on this watch we have 5 different watches faces to choose from, it's important to note that you can only view notifications and not respond so that's a bit of a downside but if you're on the look for a cheap and well functioning smartwatches for those gym sessions, the Amafit Bip smartwatch those the job.

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6) Apple watch 3

size: 38mm, 42mm | Battery life: 18-24 hours | Swim proof: Yes | GPS: Yes | Heart rate monitor: Yes | LTE: Optional | Compatibility: iOS

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apple watch 3

The apple watch 3 is a nice product on this list that still holds up a good value for its service also it's cheaper when compared to the series 6 and SE so that's a win for all the iOS users out there.

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You get GPS, heart rate monitor and offline support for apple music playlists which are a good number of features.

The issue with the apple watch 3 would be that it does not have the fall detection feature and no always-on display. The battery life could be a bit of an i