Top 5 smartphone accessories everyone should own

The smartphone game has taken a turn for the best in recent times with the addition of high-quality camera's, long-lasting batteries and larger displays with minimum bezels make the experience immersive. To enhance the experience on your device it is key to make sure you have a couple of accessories while keeping in mind not to spend too much on them.

While purchasing these items you want to make sure you are not making it difficult for yourself in terms of mobility of your device.


Taking better pictures on your phone is always great but you don't want to be carrying around multiple lenses and a lighting setup on your way to a simple family picnic. Instead, if you could carry one simple attachment that would fit in your bag or your pocket it will make things so much simpler.

Another scenario we often see ourselves caught up is when you're out of battery and you want to plug your device in for charging but you realize you're in the middle of a desert on a safari or maybe that time you wanted to watch a movie on your device and you incline it to a wall but the phone keeps slipping down :(

Should have brought that power bank but it was too heavy! Yeah, we've all been there, I put together a list of accessories that can help us with some of these inconveniences all for a reasonable price.


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Top 5 smartphone Accessories

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1) Smartphone Lens (Macro and wide angle)

This might be surprising to a few but camera lenses for smartphones is a thing and very useful at that!

These lenses come as external camera modules for your smartphone which are easily attachable with a simple clip.

The clip puts the camera module into place and is compatible with Apple and Android.

The camera modules come with high-quality lenses and also different types of lenses depending on use.

Keeping in mind that they come for a reasonably cheap price, so it's definitely worth a shot.

For more info on the camera modules check out the link below

Curated brands:


*all pictures and links are clickable and will lead to its amazon page


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2) Power bank

Power banks are so necessary for charging our devices on the go. With the wide array of options, it's easy to pick out a wrong one which might be too heavy or charge too slow.

Some of the factors to look out for to pick the apt power bank:

  • long term performance

  • fast charging

  • two-way charging

  • safety features

  • battery capacity(10,000mAH preferably)

  • lightweight

While getting a power bank it's necessary to check the ports and also the safety features to make sure for effective usage.

Our suggestions:


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3) Smartwatch

Smartwatches are an increasingly popular accessory that people are using and rightfully so.

Apart from showing you the time it also can be connected to your smartphone and this can be used to check notifications, weather, heartbeat, etc.

Let's talk accessibility-

Instead of having to take out your phone every time you get a message, it's so much simpler to just look at your wrist to view your notifications and messages.

Moreover, smartwatches are very useful if you're trying to track your body stats during a gym session or maybe to check the calories burnt on a nice morning run either way it's very convenient.

If you're looking for smartwatches with maximum features for a reasonable price, check these out:


*all pictures and links are clickable and will lead to its amazon page


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4) Earphones

Right, this is one of the most basic accessories everyone must have.

Earphones are very useful during travelling and just helps you to listen to your favourite music without any disturbance.

Now, even while buying an earphone you want to make sure the features suit your usage.

you can refer to this list of factors to choose your ideal earphone:

  • fit and comfort

This is probably the most important according to me.

If the device is not comfortable or creates irritation then it is not worth it. Correct padding is required for long usage.

Weight also plays a role in comfort, so you want to keep in mind these aspects when checking your device for comfort.

  • durability

In any case, you want your device to last but unfortunately, when it comes to earphones or headsets, durability is directly proportional to weight.

So if you go for more comfort you should make sure to take care of it and put it in a protective case while you're not using it also if they are the foldable ones you want to check the hinges and check if it's sturdy.

  • cables or Bluetooth

The length of the cable matters depending on your situation but at the same time, you want to avoid exceptionally long cables as it negatively affects sound quality by lowering the volume and introducing noise.

You can distinguish a good earphone from a bad by also looking at the cable if it's shielded.

Getting a shielded cable will minimise the noise and contribute to better sound quality.

  • Portability

Portability is usually not a problem with earphones, even though that might be the case in most situations you want to go for the lightweight one's that fit properly onto you ear also depending on your usage.

Talking about headphones, it's preferable to go for the foldable one's that fit well into a case and occupy minimum space but with such a model you want to be more careful while handling it as it is usually delicate.

Taking the above factors into consideration we have curated a couple of options for you to choose from:


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5) Phone stand

This is essential for your smartphone if your someone who loves watching movies and videos or maybe you're taking an online course on baking, this tool would be perfect to set up in your kitchen while you're getting stuck in with your cake.

The model that we have picked out is very slick and portable which is a trend that we have followed in the length of this article.

Check out more on this product:


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