Top 3 books to read for motivation!

Motivation as many people say, should come from within or it should be brought out by one's own passion but many a time it so happens that we are just so tired and frustrated which makes it really difficult to stay motivated.

In times like these, we need a source from where we can draw motivation to carry about our ambitions and get along with our journey to success.

Books are an immortal element in may ways, you may argue to disagree with my point but it is not the physical form of the book that I am talking about but it is the knowledge and teachings of a book that stays with us for life.

We should use books to create the ideal mindset for us that will help us to approach the day with the best form of ourselves.

I've put together a list of books that will be very useful-

1) A Promised Land | Barack Obama

Classified as a memoir this book is the first of two volumes and it starts off early in his career talking about the political side of his life more than his personal.

Even though the book is strongly focused towards the political developments and occurrences unfolding at the time there is an interesting contrast between the subtlety by which he describes his relationship with his family compared to the dominant force that he exudes when in command of one of the most powerful positions in the world.

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Coming to his language and style of writing; it's something everyone can learn from, just the right balance of being polite and mindful to infusing the right amount of "gangster talk" that he tames well in his arsenal of vocabulary and can be the key to a strong impression or kickstart your journey towards sustainable leadership.

The former US president has been thoughtful with his statements and strong to his word leaving not much to question his stance on various occasions as seen in his political career.

In conclusion, I would like to say the book is a very interesting one but what really gives it value is the fact that the delivery and the overall language is on point. It's a book that you can get instantly hooked to.

If your someone who is looking to read a good book along with improving your language do go check it out.

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2) The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari | Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma, best known for his book, "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari", is a Canadian writer who worked as a litigation lawyer until 25 before he changed his carrier path to being a writer and receiving many accolades for his work.

"The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari", is a fable that pushes you to think about your life and work towards exploring yourself. One constant motive that is observed throughout the book is self-improvement. Often people forget the important things in life and move towards materialistic and temporary goals that more often than not, results in fake/short-term happiness.

The author- Robin Sharma, talks in the fable about how he was inspired by the transformation of his mentor who's life previously revolved around money, power, and prestige, the character he describes represents the values of the society we live in and how it can be toxic to our well-being.

This book would definitely be in one of my high recommendations, it's easy to read and understand if you are planning to start your reading journey this book would be the one to start off with according to me.

Reading this book does raise spirits and makes you feel good, the journey of the character in the story instils a sense of calm in the mind and encourages you to make your day more productive. If you are somebody who is looking for inspiration, do go check this book out.

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3) Think like a Monk | Jay Shetty

Monk, turned Youtuber, turned #1 book selling author?

That's probably a vague run through of Mr Jay Shetty's life but definitely, looks to be a rising trend amongst new age writers living the life of a monk before publishing books that sell like hot cake; one famous example would be the monk who apparently sold his Ferrari, Mr Robin Singh, let's keep his story for another article.

In the book "Think like a Monk", the author writes on how to control your mind to achieve peace in life, this is something that is becoming more of a trend in today's day and age where people are focusing on inner peace and satisfaction rather than fame and fortune through an unhealthy lifestyle. Jay mentions many methods that help in achieving a healthy lifestyle, one of those tips are of the 5 R's - reason, research, repetition, responsibility and reward.

One of his famous preachings is about the monkey mind and monk mind.

It sounds almost like a kindergarten story with a hidden moral, well it's not exactly a kids book but it does have a moral to it, he talks about how the mind of a monk can be more focused and motivated than that of an average person in the daily rat race. According to his views, the monkey mind is possed by a person who cannot control his mind and is often distracted from his goals with the slightest of temptations and is one who needs motivation externally rather than generating it through passion.

In conclusion, I would say the book is a must-read and it has a lot of valuable content which is mainly from the author's own experiences. So, go give it a read, it might change your perspective on life and give you that extra boost of motivation.

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