The stunning and prodigious 2020 Italian Grand Prix

The 2020 Italian Grand Prix was one of the most entertaining and jaw-dropping race of the season so far. It was adrenaline-fueled with overtakes, crashes, heroics, and drama. The race started off with Lewis Hamilton leading the race whereas his closest rival Bottas dropped down to 7th position after a horrible start and messy first lap, which now meant that the two McLarens of Carloz Sainz and Lando Norris were running 2nd and 3rd.

Meanwhile, in the midfield on lap 1 Pierre Gasly had tangled with Alex Albon in the red bull and was lucky to escape the incident. Daniel Ricciardo had a beautiful start and was running in 6th place as well as Perez who moved into 5th after they capitalized on the poor start Bottas faced. Kimi Raikkonen also had a good start and was the lead Ferrari powered car by lap 6 running in 12th. Vettel after starting 17th was trying to make up places, however, while trying to get past Grosjean his brakes failed and forced the German into retirement, which further added to Ferrari's misery this season. Following this was something that changed the race altogether. Kevin Magnussen retired due to a mechanical issue and pulled up just before the pit entry. This meant marshals had to recover the car from a dangerous area and as a result, the pitlane entry was closed meaning nobody was allowed to pit. This was indicated by a red light flashing at the final corner just before the pit entry. But, Lewis Hamilton and Antonio Giovinazzi failed to see this and pitted anyway which resulted in them getting a 10-second stop-go penalty which was to be served within the next 3 laps.

Just after the race resumed once the safety car had pulled in, Charles LeClerc in the sole running Ferrari had a big crash at the final corner trying to defend against Kimi Raikkonen and this caused the race to be stopped, i.e, red-flagged.

This meant cars had to return to the pitlane and wait until the track was deemed clear and safe to race again. This resulted in a massive reshuffling of the pack. Hamilton yet to serve his penalty was still 1st followed by Pierre Gasly in the Alfa Tauri, Lance Stroll in the racing point, and Kimi Raikkonen in the Alfa Romeo and then came the McLarens, Daniel Ricciardo, Perez, Ocon, and Verstappen. Once the race restarted, Kimi running the soft tires had a brilliant start and moved into 3rd place after which Hamilton served his penalty and was now running last. Kimi was on the move and pressuring Gasly for the lead, but his soft tires ran out soon and he dropped several places. The battle for the lead was now between Carloz Sainz and Pierre Gasly. Gasly was driving well but was losing small amounts of time to Sainz behind, Sainz trying everything to close up within 1 second of Gasly to try to get past using DRS. Meanwhile, Verstappen retired due to an engine failure and Hamilton had moved into 7th from last which was the most he was going to achieve. It was now the final 3 laps and Sainz was trying everything he could to get past , however it was only on the last lap that he got close enough but it wasn't enough because Pierre Gasly would win the Italian Grand Prix in an Alfa Tauri (formerly the Toro Rosso who had won here back in 2008 with Vettel behind the wheel in similarly extraordinary conditions).

This was a day to remember and cherish as Gasly, the man who was demoted to Alfa Tauri from Red bull, who had lost his childhood friend Anthonie Hubert last year and was massively under pressure to perform had pulled off a miracle and this meant that an Italian team had won again in Italy, however it wasn't Ferrari but Alfa Tauri who had done it.

It was a day the midfield teams who came out on top with Sainz in 2nd, Stroll in 3rd, Norris in 4th, and the Mercedes finished 5th and 7th. It was a race filled with drama and emotions, but for one man, Pierre Gasly it was everything he had dreamt of and proved that F1 is the home of prodigies, drama, and pure excitement.

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