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Hey guys! This segment is all about celebrating student initiatives towards innovation and healthy competition while giving them a boost of confidence as we provide a platform for them to showcase their achievements and objectives.

Nowadays, almost every college has a club that is started from the initiative of a certain group of students that strive to innovate and create projects that are driven by their passions.

While these initiatives receive a lot of praise from the society, it does not help them get from point A to B. Members of the club have to pool in for resources and materials as there is very little funding provided by the colleges if not none.

Now, a big part of the struggle is getting sponsors to fund the project, and as justified these sponsors would like to see the past achievements of the club and judge their potential based on the available portfolio.

That's where JustDeets comes to picture, we would like to provide our website as a free platform for the students that are part of a club or an individual project to display their portfolio and objectives for possible sponsors and the rest of the internet, no matter what the situation around.

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