Possessed - Seven Churches 35th Anniversary

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16th October 2020

“We were on a mission to be the heaviest band on the planet. And that’s what we were.” – Jeff Becerra from Possessed

It all started in the year 1983, with a bunch of teenagers making their presence known jamming in a garage in San Francisco.

Metal was heading towards a more extreme direction and possessed were in on the ride, but ended up creating more faster and heavier music than their contemporary thrashers.

After a demo, they released a masterpiece called Seven Churches. This album redefined metal. 35 years later people still look up this album and take notes.

In the interview with Metal DNA, Jeff Becerra gave some interesting details about Seven Churches. Jeff was 16 and Larry was still 15 when they put out the album and invented a genre called Death Metal, which is also a track on this album. When this album came out and the masses heard it - a few pulled out their crosses and were scared to death, many headbanged, and everyone was blown away and couldn't believe what they just heard.

The riffs are so brutal and fast anyone who has heard it once will remember it for the rest of their lives. The pleasure they received through the painful demonic music. And let's not forget about the drumming: fast, aggressive, precise, and tight. The drumming complimented the riffs and fit right in.

Possessed will without a doubt go down in the history as the inventors of the evilest genre of music. Inspired by the British metal movement and their local scene, possessed came up with a concoction that tasted like nothing else.

35 years later, the still rip the living hell out of their listeners. The frontman Jeff Becerra is one of the nicest and most inspiring guy in metal. Their passion and love towards metal and fans is pure, and that is the reason Metal DNA is commemorating the 35th anniversary of Seven Churches.

The commemoration video includes a red, raw, and bare to the bone animatics done by one of the most talented artist Jasmine Pilkinton. The animation was made in very raw format to capture the essence of Possessed and their album Seven Churches.

Following the animatics, a cover tribute to the song Death Metal is played by Tarun from the band Torque. After a long discussion about what song to cover from the album, Death Metal felt more appropriate for all the right reasons.

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