Pentagram - Relentless 35th Anniversary

Formed in 1971, the band Pentagram were unique in their sound and style. They were dark and heavy with a raw street image. This combination was unheard of until the dawn of Pentagram and they are considered to be the Pioneers of the genre called Doom Metal.

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Their self-titled debut album famously known as Relentless is a blueprint for doom metal.

The songs are sluggish and groovy with lyrics dealing with death, Satanism and werewolves. The album is diverse in terms of sound and songs like "20 Buck Spin" and "You're Lost, I'm Free" has more 70s vibe than the rest of the tracks in the album.

This makes sense as Bobby's main inspiration are Groundhogs, The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, The Dolls and other old-school Detroit rock bands, as a matter of fact, Bobby calls his music Downer Rock and is not huge of being called Doom Metal. Music from the late 60s and early 70s that had a gloomy and hard-hitting style was referred to as Downer Rock.

Pentagram is one of those bands that stands the test of time. Decades from today, albums like Relentless will be appreciated not only because it is heavy as all hell while being groovy and catchy but because it's filled with passion and it is genuine. Bobby Liebling has been through hell and back, but he has defeated all his demons. The Pentagram documentary "Last Days Here" shows Bobby hitting rock bottom, but he crawls back up and comes out through the other side with a smile on his face and a microphone in his hand.

Metal DNA would like to commemorate this album and celebrate the history of Pentagram.

The commemorate video features, Bobby Liebling, himself and guitar cover of Relentless from a Pentagram worshipper Diego Larios from the Stoner/Doom Metal band 3Demons.


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