It's that time of the year again! Special Give-Away

It's that time of the year, there are good vibes all around and everybody gets a gift! So, we at JustDeets have organised a small give away contest to bring up the spirit of the season!

Create an article or drawing of your interest, it could be about the year that went by or about the year you wish to see ahead or just how you feel and celebrate this season, submit your content and try to get the most views on your JustDeets post to get a special price.

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Let's take this opportunity to connect ourselves with the people around us and also grab the chance to win a brand new set of boat headphones for free!

Spread the word about our give away to all your friends, family and loved one's, it's the time to come together and enjoy this season while we all wait to see a great year ahead.

Make sure to read the instructions below. Do register and give it a go!


  • Write an article or create an art piece of your interest using two tools- Grammarly and Canva to make quality content, then submit it to us by clicking the button below. The article with the most number of views on by 12/01/2021 gets a boat headphone for free!


  • If you are posting an art piece make sure to put a small description.

  • Submit your content and thumbnail in the same file.

  • The file must be named as the creator's name.

  • After the content is posted share the link with your friends and family to increase views on your post.

  • To make error-free content use Grammarly.

  • Create a thumbnail for your post using Canva.

  • Most importantly have fun!

Eligibility for give-away

  • Minimum of 50 views on your post.

  • Living in India.

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Follow our Instagram page for updates after registering: @justdeetsofficial

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