Just like the covid-19 the numbers of coaching classes have been epidemic in the past decade. This epidemic has largely infected the teenage student community, mostly the contaminated in class XI and XII. It has also polluted in the high school and its presence is also felt right from sixth grade.

It’s hard to believe when you hear parents getting their kids enrolled in coaching classes (for university entrance exam) right from start of elementary grade. If you don’t believe please go check a well established coaching centre in your neighborhood. Such parents are lured in by billboards, pamphlets, advertisements and various scholarship programs.

Not just the numbers of coaching classes have seen a steep climb in the county’s demography but also the variety of it. Every coaching class has its own motto, eminence and set of achievement. However most of their achievements overlap and none of them shy away from advertising such overlapping achievements.

Every coaching class has set its caliber – some excel in neet, some in jee, and some in both. However, if you cross-examine their performance cum advertisement pamphlets you would see the same names across pamphlets, and playing with subtitle: classroom or distance program, below each name. The pamphlets mostly consist names ending with ‘Goyal’,’ Mittal’, permutation and combination of ‘Aggarwal’ and don’t forget the ‘Sharma’.

After lifting the rock, now let’s talk about the elephant in the room- KoTa. This place was popularized by the series ‘Kota factory ‘which performed as good as the students from this gloomy place. For better understanding of this place I asked my friends from here the share their experience. Here is brief summary of their experience –

1. Manish ,who joined the leader course, in A***n Kota talked about difficulties he faced due to joining the course late, environment, regular unenthusiastic routine of life in Kota, envious roommates. His essential complaint was about the food in mess, lack of recreation and gloomy ecosystem. He also laid emphasis on how over-intelligence and lethargic behavior led to his downfall. He asserted on the need of better environment and food for encouragement of students. Similar was the experience of,

2. Rishi, another leader course student, whose own decision was to join Kota. He talked about the good and the bad sides of life Kota and necessity to cope up with the fellow students and how the environment can lead you into depression. His talk was more about the dos and don’ts for a student in Kota.

3.XXX said “I would rather stay anonymous”. His experience was different and was of the darker side. He was forced by his father (sharmaji ka ladka waha padd raha hai). He was not interested going to Kota even in the worst scenario but due to his father pressure was dominant over his interest. After spending two months in Kota he started sleeping in classes. Going on late night rides with the rich students. Six months down he was hanging out with girls and has gained much awareness of girls from different states.” Hanging out with them was the only go “he said, as there was no other recreation and all students were stressed. He showed regret all his talk but was happy that he didn’t get into drugs.

However, all of them above applauded the quality of teachers there and how engaging their classes were. I have shared their complete experience at the end, please read it to for broader view and I leave it to you to decide about the Kota.

Coming back to the city where the outlets or other branches of Kota factory present in your neighborhood. Here mostly the aspirants mostly make trips like this: Home-School-Home-Coaching Classes-Home. Tiring right? Ask me, it’s more than it sounds. To back it up I experienced it. I have no complaint here as my days in coaching class were good but the whole point of school? Do we just attend it for attendance, tire us more or just add expenditure to our parents. I leave to you to decide.

The life of evening coaching or weekend coaching class is tiring and gives you a whole new workload (if you are really interested) but is actually good as it clears our concepts even better and gives our other vital information and tricks to solve problems. Gaining knowledge is invariably good but in the course of it eats up the student leaving the student indolent ending their curiosity henceforth.

Here are some pros and cons of coaching classes


  1. Class 9th to class 12th helps in clearing boards.

  2. Getting the student disciplined by having extra workload

  3. Better quality of teachers helps students in better understanding of subject

  4. Meeting more students- developing friendship and personality

  5. Solving more questions different and unique, forcing students to think and exploit their examination.


  1. Develops more stress on students

  2. Different academic structure

  3. Extra workload on student

  4. Extra expenditure

So I leave it on you to decide the importance of coaching classes in our society. I can’t wholly stand against it as I myself been a part of it and can’t conclude whether it was a good or bad experience, as coaching classes have both good and bad effects on student. The only strong issue is the false hype given by over-advertising and recurring students in every institute. If that is stopped and it would be far better scenario in India.

Here are the experiences of my friends:


First of all after class 12th, the scholarship offered by Allen kota(I had even paid the fees by then) and step into the Kota factory. Despite 40% fee deduction and a good batch offered by Allen, I decided to join A***n because of its large numbers of rankers.

I got into the fourth phase in Allen in mid-May which served an initial setback (as time was less and students and teachers were less dynamic than previous phases). The usual routine of hostlers was my go. Despite belonging to the rare class of initially good students (ranking 4th out of the 1500 students of my phase in the first test), I slipped down quite a lot during coaching days. Over-intelligence proved disastrous to me when I skipped coaching material for ‘ Irodov’ and skimmed through a lot of irrelevant books without delving deep into any, ignoring chemistry(hoping to cover it up just before exams, how naive!) and other list of mistakes serious JEE aspirants are susceptible to.

Mess food was awful, no argument on that to the point that I have no complaints with my present mess food, which has incapacitated the taste buds of many. But filling the brain was more of the concern than stomach. Serious students fed on concepts in class.


Kota: A place of Hope for many Aspirants and a boon for some.

In 1st attempt of Jee(Main) I couldn't get into an IIT/NIT. I decided to drop a year because I didn't want to study in some random college. Then after some days my friend called me and that he said he is planning to go Kota for preparations of JEE and he suggested me as well. As every student would have heard about Kota with some perception I had my own intriguing perception.

I started searching in Google about the teachers and possibilities of cracking JEE. I was satisfied with whatever I heard and then I started convincing my parents for it. Finally one day my father said ‘yes’. I was excited and Nervous as well.

Brief Experience:

I experience a different part of life in Kota, it is a place for Dream turn into reality for many but for some a big boon and night mare for many aspirants and their parents.

My place is in between these two situations. I couldn't Crack Jee after kota also but I did all my efforts. Truly I have seen many get Distracted as once any student comes to kota the amount of freedom which one gets suddenly free from a parenting life which leads to chaos in future for them. Everywhere you go you will find mostly students in kota which leads to a bigger and bigger competition every single minute every single second. If you get lesser marks in the monthly test you will get lots of depression and negative feeling.

When I was in kota I myself I have 4 suicides of students. Kota gives a lot of hopes to most of the parents and for some it leads to burden and cause of tension. And if the JEE result is negative for many it gives a life ending moment.

My message to everyone if you are planning to go Kota For JEE/NEET preparation:

1. Prepare your Mind from not getting distracted because one wrong move will lead to a trap and coming out of it requires a lot of effort.

2. Always keep your Goal in your mind.

3. This is must Stay with good people and stay in a decent PG/hostel.

4. And Trust me most of the hostels food won't be good.

5. Learn to do more Smart-work rather than Hard-work.

Hope you would take some advice from this article and have better understanding over coaching classes.

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