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Eco-Friendly series : article 2

Eco-friendly laptops, a lot can be said about this considering the knowledge we have gained in the past decade. This article aims to explore the diversity of the true and evolving field of technology on whose periphery is perched the unceasing ideology to be sustainable and as suggested by the series, eco-friendly.

That's enough vernacular ambush for this article now moving towards the information part of the blog let's talk about what stands out the most in this befuddled last decade. Wood, as we all know, is a biodegradable material, and fitting into modern tech is an adventurous task or so we assume, developers at Iameco (pronounced as 'i am eco') came out with a laptop and tablet range that focused on using a wooden exterior and was recognized as a remarkable piece of green tech. The specs taken into account the time of reference weren't too bad considering the:

  • windows 7, 8 OS

  • 15inch display,

  • intel core duo i3,i5,i7 processor, etc

This put up quite a decent production for the everyday Joe who plugs in his laptop for a bit of youtube and a good writeup on the old Word document but the guys at IT may say otherwise.

So progressing with the same idea we come to the ASUS with the U33JC-A1, finally, a brand that assured a better specs sheet and a name to hold on to. The ASUS laptop came with a less generous chunk of wood and aluminum interior pieces that still held on well to the tag of being eco friendly. The bamboo design for a change looked good and welcoming which was an upcoming factor as Apple dominated that domain or so I would say, this also played along with the premise that the wood surface will change with usage and ultimately time. The now gaming centered ASUS laptops brought in a sound specs sheet not so much for the gaming enthusiasts with a NVIDIA GeForce 310M graphics card.

But is this all we've got, wooden exteriors and the only specs considered to be heavy is the weight. The trend has evidently not stuck over the years but has that ever made us guilty over the quad-core processors, diminishing bezels, increased battery life, and slim laptops of today, I think not. Before the environmentalists get all up and arms, let me clarify, back in the day laptops and CPU's drew out as a space heater and producer concerning sounds and this sums up the amount of energy used up and similarly dissipated out of the system.

is this all we've got, wooden exteriors and the only specs considered to be heavy is the weight...

Being eco-friendly is not only to decompose well but also to efficiently use energy, make products less toxic to the environment and build up systems to prevent discarded tech waste from pressing landfills, and this brings us to today's condition.

Being Eco-friendly is not only to decompose well but also to efficiently use energy

Apple, one of the highest-grossing tech giant that dominates the market with its competent ecosystem that encompasses products that complement each other and enhance the user experience.

Shedding light on lastest Macbook pro, the specs they deliver are really good:

  • 8GB RAM

  • 256GB SSD

  • intel iris plus graphics

  • macOS

  • 1600x2560 resolution

  • touch id

With this spec sheet, it's easy to attract business not saying they are undisputed in their field but they do a good job at marketing and play the emotion card really well and rightfully so as they put meaning into every feature though they could do better with their front cam.

About the eco-friendly nature of this product, we are seeing efficient usage of power and reduced power wastage hence reducing greenhouse gases. This may seem farfetched but these small improvements and tweaks do make a difference. These products also use aluminum and glass exteriors along with other materials that are easily recyclable. The engineers at Apple have removed brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) from the machine’s circuit boards, cables, connectors, insulators, shock mounts, and adhesives. They also follow a system where they focus on being recyclable and reduce waste. Now, this may seem like a fanboy's bandwagon but this is just an example and an insight into what all the manufacturers strive to achieve.

In conclusion, we have a question that poses in front of us, should revisit the idea of adding wood or any other biodegradable material or progress the way we are, maybe we need a fresh perspective?

This one's up for further discussion so let's leave it at that and as always, stay home and stay safe.

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