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Tough times in light of a pandemic that is currently infesting businesses of loss and recession but this hasn't hindered the minds of the creative and progressive. Paper Water Bottles seem to be the new trend in town for the eco friendly.

With the Smith family getting into the mix, the likes of Will Smith and Jaden Smith bringing up their Just Water brand are turning eyes towards this revolutionary product that might potentially replace the old plastic donny. The new paper bottles still have a long way though.

Let's first talk about why the world is trying to push aside our plastic Odessey. The plastic bottles as suggested by many studies and observation when subjected to slight heat or overuse tend to seep into the water and result in conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and some forms of cancer caused by di-Ethylhexyl adipate (DEHA) and di-Ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) used in the making of plastics bottles. If we talk stats we got a million bottles brought per minute and on the downside, only 9% of this plastic is recycled which if y'all haven't figured out yet is a lot of undegradable waste and subsequent pollution. On the subject of pollution, we aren't exactly doing the world a favor. 79% of the world's plastic waste accumulates on landfills causing environmental hazards and toxic elements in nature that's harmful to the indigenous fauna usually the grazing cattle and marine life.

Now that we have established that plastic bottles may not be the sustainable future we want to see, the close alternatives that might put the plastic bottles out of business are the paper bottles.

Paper ?! how tho?

The paper pulp material is made from a sustainable combination of plant-based resources that make for a 100% recyclable product. There are many methods employed by companies, for instance, the Thermoforming process used by manufacturers at BillerudKorsnäs where fiber mass is injected and dried under high pressure in a closed-form, this enables the bottle to acquire intricate forms. A huge selling point of these bottles is that it has good durability and strength which means you can use these bottles more than once without fearing the onset of medical conditions. The business angle provided by this alternative does look very encouraging with the big names stepping into the game and the whole pollution situation going on, so for those of you lot looking for a business or startup give this fresh lad a shot you might just hit the right notes to a profitable endeavor.

However, if we want to compare it is only fair if we look at both the pros and cons. The main downside is that if the discarded paper bottles accumulate in the landfills, the characteristic thickness tends to take up more space than their plastic counterparts and while degradation is imminent they also generate Landfill gas(LFG) that is one of the major concerns that stand against the humble paper patronage.

According to my understanding of the world, not that I know any better than the common folk, we do have the technology and resources to overcome the current issues such as the latter.

Altogether looking at the business point of this product, it seems to be a promising one that may just solve a few of the problems the world faces amongst the many in a fashionably efficient manner and as the market is fairly young we might be looking at a potential consumer base.

In conclusion, the paper bottles answer many questions and overall are marketed in a sense of goodwill towards the environmental crisis we face and hence I give the manufacturers of this product a thumbs up and if you guys want to link up you know where to find us. Stay home and stay safe.

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