Current news | National Education Policy 2020 | The masterstroke?

In this article, we are going to cover the vision of NEP 2020, the changes (in school and university level), positive points, and the negative or controversial points (mentioned at the end). If you are a student, teacher, the parent or anybody who is directly affected by the education system; you must definitely go through the article because there are a lot of changes which are groundbreaking as well as controversial, so do yourself a favor by updating your knowledge on the topic in hand and share it with your friends too!


NEP 2020 looks to provide a holistic approach towards education as described in the official document. While studying this document it is evident that the government wants more people to pursue higher studies with the belief that this will create better minds for the future. The policy looks to integrate a multidisciplinary education system where students are allowed to follow their interests productively; more on this will be discussed further into the article.

The policy also looks to improve the quality of education by emphasizing the practical knowledge acquired by a student. By the promotion of certain skills such as coding made mandatory at the school level, the government aims to broaden the logical thinking of students and equip them with better decision-making skills.

One of the most debated features in many foreign education policies was multiple entry-exit plan. This is one of the target features that NEP 2020 is meaning to introduce which will help the education system to be more flexible and also interest many students to pursue higher education.