Author reviews | Think like a Monk | Jay Shetty

Monk, turned Youtuber, turned #1 book selling author?

That's probably a vague run through of Mr Jay Shetty's life but definitely, looks to be a rising trend amongst new age writers living the life of a monk before publishing books that sell like hot cake; one famous example would be the monk who apparently sold his Ferrari, Mr Robin Singh, let's keep his story for another article.

The story of the author of "Think like a monk" is one of the more interesting ones I've come across, A business student in London who chooses to become a monk in India for a good six years of his youth to then starting a youtube channel to spread his newly gained knowledge and then publishing his number one seller "Thinking like a Monk", a different journey but how does it affect his writing and content you may ask. A piece of content is valued more if it is produced by an individual who has a certified knowledge of the topic on hand and in the case of Jay Shetty, he has lived the life he preaches which doesn't just add value but also curates the content to a level that is only achieved by experience.

One of his famous preachings is about the monkey mind and monk mind.

It sounds almost like a kindergarten story with a hidden moral, well it's not exactly a kids book but it does have a moral to it, he talks about how the mind of a monk can be more focused and motivated than that of an average person in the dai