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Robin Sharma, best known for his book, "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari", is a Canadian writer who worked as a litigation lawyer until 25 before he changed his carrier path to being a writer and receiving many accolades for his work.

The trend continues, yet one more successful career change. At this point, these stories just become a source of inspiration, and also if we observe these journeys, there is an emphasis on caring less about the destination and more on living out the process of getting there.

"The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari", is a fable that pushes you to think about your life and work towards exploring yourself. One constant motive that is observed throughout the book is self-improvement. Often people forget the important things in life and move towards materialistic and temporary goals that more often than not, results in fake/short-term happiness.

The author- Robin Sharma, talks in the fable about how he was inspired by the transformation of his mentor who's life previously revolved around money, power, and prestige, the character he describes represents the values of the society we live in and how it can be toxic to our well-being.

When the character in the fable faces a life-threatening situation in the form of a heart attack, he drops out of his game and wanders about to find internal peace. When he returns, he is filled with the knowledge he gained from the mythical Himalayan gurus and is now set on a journey to spread his newly gained knowledge to the people who need it the most who in this case is the author.

Furthermore, the character talks about the seven virtues of enlightened learning and how it has changed his life. As you read this book it is important to remember that these virtues are derived by the author, Robin Sharma himself, which he has derived from his life experiences. The seven virtues of enlightened learning:-

  1. Master your mind

  2. Follow your purpose

  3. Practice kaizen

  4. Live with discipline

  5. Respect your time

  6. Selflessly serve others

  7. Embrace the present

These virtues are explained in detail and spread over a couple of chapters. The beautiful part of this book is that the virtues are explained through different stories and when added up, put all the virtues into perspective. The writer mentions some habits to incorporate into our daily lives to achieve the uses of the virtues and gain complete benefit from this knowledge.


This book would definitely be in one of my high recommendations, it's easy to read and understand if you are planning to start your reading journey this book would be the one to start off with according to me.

Reading this book does raise spirits and makes you feel good, the journey of the character in the story instills a sense of calm in the mind and encourages you to make your day more productive. If you are somebody who is looking for inspiration, do go check this book out.

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