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Joan Wong; Photographs by Angelo Merendino/Getty Images; David L. Ryan, via The Boston Globe, via Getty Images
Joan Wong; Photographs by Angelo Merendino/Getty Images; David L. Ryan, via The Boston Globe, via Getty Images

"A Promised Land", a forthcoming memoir by the former president of America, Barack Obama.

Barack Obama, many people may find it a surprise to see him as the author of a book but he is as fine a writer as they come.

He is the author of several books, the likes of-

The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream


Dreams From My Father


Change We Can Believe in: Barack Obama's Plan to Renew America's Promise


and many others

Let's track back to the book on hand, classified as a memoir this book is the first of two volumes and it starts off early in his career talking about the political side of his life more than his personal.

But, when he mentions his family it brings about a sense of nostalgia as he narrates the stories of his children, nursing them with the help of his wife, Michelle Obama.

Even though the book is strongly focused towards the political developments and occurrences unfolding at the time there is an interesting contrast between the subtlety by which he describes his relationship with his family compared to the dominant force that he exudes when in command of one of the most powerful positions in the world.


Coming to his language and style of writing; it's something everyone can learn from, just the right balance of being polite and mindful to infusing the right amount of "gangster talk" that he tames well in his arsenal of vocabulary and can be the key to a strong impression or kickstart your journey towards sustainable leadership.

The former US president has been thoughtful with his statements and strong to his word leaving not much to question his stance on various occasions as seen in his political career.

But in this memoir, he lays out a scope of self-questioning which spans even to the extent of questioning his motive to run for office was a call for service or about his ego or his envy of those more successful than him.

In the midst of this increasing sense to achieve and take to power, there is a sense of reluctance to glory in any of his achievements.

The highlight of the book as suggested by the NY times is the bits of gossip and detail that truly surprises the reader of what they know and builds on to create what they must expect.

He also mentions his loving relation with his wife and acknowledges the sacrifices she made in its solidity as he writes about the pressures of his political life that were upon her.

Along with his appreciation to his wife he also articulates the burdens women face and in such fluidity. Not many have the knack to put into words what they do not experience, but it's definitely a job well done by the author of, "A Promised Land".


In conclusion, I would like to say the book is a very interesting one but what really gives it value is the fact that the delivery and the overall language is on point. It's a book that you can get instantly hooked to.

If your someone who is looking to read a good book along with improving your language do go check it out.

A Promised Land | Barack Obama



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