A Converging Lens

More often than not, the word “art” is treated as an umbrella term that encompasses different streams and genres of aesthetics, painting, sculpture, music, and dance. As humans, from cavemen to the newfangled contemporary artists, explicitly or implicitly, there lies a common thread of passion and exigency to record and narrate a story.

As a student of art history, a majority of my time is devoted to analyzing this innate, creative disposition. It is fairly well known that only a trifling sum of art and its theory shows up in any popular classroom material. The purpose of this article is to unravel how “art” and it’s different epithets make for a heavy chunk of my life and ultimately, the world as we know it.

By that measure, traditional, hand-drawn artwork is always a good place to start. Not too long ago, the concept of zentangles and mandalas peaked on popular artist hubs like Pinterest and my participation was no less. What started off as doodles at the back of a notebook grew into full-sized, back damaging works, spanning over a thousand square centimeters.

To those of you who are new to this, Mandalas are mostly religious a