9 Essential Items In a Man's Wardrobe

1)Dark Jeans

Black or dark blue jeans are an essential because they are the everyday option for most guys. To really make them classy make sure they aren't faded or distressed and they fit just above the ankle and gently hug your legs not too tight but not too baggy either.

2) T-shirts

The essential T-shirts are the plain black and white ones. These pair well with anything and honestly are an evergreen style statement. Look at David Beckham, he just throws one of these on with his dark jeans and he's all set.

3) A white slim-fit dress shirt.

The slim fit and white colour will allow you to pair this with anything and wear it formally and casually with jeans.

4)Chino pants

A great alternative pant option. These are basically cotton pants which come in different colours. I'd say navy, tan, olive green and grey are the best choices for that versatile option. They can be dressed up as well as dressed down.

5)Bomber Jacket

One bomber jacket in black, navy or even burgundy can be worn to layer up casually with a T or formally with a dress shirt. This one piece can elevate the way you dress.

6)White faux Leather Sneakers

These shoes are pretty much a jackpot. They elevate any look and since they are of a faux leather and are white in colour they have that luxurious feel but are not as expensive and hence can be worn casually and formally.

7)Black canvas sneakers.

This is pretty much the every day shoe. The white sneaks will get dirty, That's why on days you want to give them a wipe the black ones will be your savior.

8) Tailored Suit.

Every boy becoming a man and every man will need this for special occasions. Dappering up gives so much confidence and class. Get it tailored though otherwise it's useless.

9)Dress Shoes.

Formal lace-ups are an essential for a guy because they compliment any formal look best and shows that he has depth in the way he is dressed. Brown is my top pick when it comes to colour but black formal lace-ups work as well.

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